Campaign Podcast Transcription Project

perfect art by abby @prosodi on twitter

Welcome! This is an ongoing, fan-sourced project to transcribe episodes of the Oneshot Network’s Campaign Podcast. The project began during the Star Wars campaign of the show, and efforts to transcribe older episodes are still going. However, a large part of the impetus behind the project was to make the podcast more accessible, and to that end we’re hoping to have transcriptions of new SkyJacks episodes up as shortly after they drop as possible. If you’re interested in helping transcribe, please see our Style Guide and our Episode Checklist.

When you’ve finished an episode, shoot an email to so we can add your document to the list. Please also feel free to direct any questions there, and we’ll get back to you soon!

EDIT: Thanks to James for the shout-out on Episode 10’s mid-roll! You can also follow along with when things are updated over on twitter at @CTranscribed.

Episode One
Episode Two
Episode Three | Dear Uhuru
Episode Four | Dear Uhuru
Episode Five | Dear Uhuru
Episode Six | Crew Interview
Episode Seven | Crew Interview
Episode Eight | Crew Interview
Episode Nine | Crew Interview
Episode Ten | Dear Uhuru
Episode Eleven | Crew Interview
Episode Twelve | Dear Uhuru
Episode Thirteen | Crew Interview
Episode Fourteen | Crew Interview
Episode Fifteen | Dear Uhuru
Episode Sixteen | Crew Interview
Episode Seventeen | Crew Interview
Episode Eighteen | Crew Interview
Episode Nineteen | Crew Interview

Tales from Spéir: Sky Jacks
Tales from Spéir: The Mariner
Tales from Spéir: Corsairs
Tales from Spéir: The Luminaries
Tales from Spéir: The Church of the Slain God

OneShot Prequel Episode One
OneShot Prequel Episode Two
OneShot Prequel Episode Three

Episode One
Episode Two
Episode Three
Episode Four
Episode Five
Episode Six
Episode Seven
Episode Eight
Episode Nine
Episode Ten
Episode Eleven
Episode Twelve
Episode Thirteen
Episode Fourteen
Episode Fifteen
Episode Sixteen
Episode Seventeen
Episode Eighteen
Episode Nineteen
Episode Twenty
Episode Twenty-One
Episode Twenty-Two
Episode Twenty-Three
Episode Twenty-Four
Episode Twenty-Five
Episode Twenty-Six
Episode Twenty-Seven
Episode Twenty-Eight
Episode Twenty-Nine
Episode Thirty
Episode Thirty-One
Episode Thirty-Two
Episode Thirty-Three
Episode Thirty-Four
Episode Thirty-Five
Episode Thirty-Six
Episode Thirty-Seven
Episode Thirty-Eight
Episode Thirty-Nine
Episode Forty | Dear Mynock
Episode Forty-One
Episode Forty-Two
Episode Forty-Three
Episode Forty-Four
Episode Forty-Five
Episode Forty-Six
Episode Forty-Seven
Episode Forty-Eight
Episode Forty-Nine
Episode Fifty
Episode Fifty-One
Episode Fifty-Two
Episode Fifty-Three
Episode Fifty-Four
Episode Fifty-Five
Episode Fifty-Six
Episode Fifty-SevenDear Mynock
Episode Fifty-Eight
Episode Fifty-Nine
Episode Sixty
Episode Sixty-One
Episode Sixty-Two
Episode Sixty-Three
Episode Sixty-Four
Episode Sixty-Five
Episode Sixty-SixDear Mynock
Episode Sixty-Seven | Dear Mynock
Episode Sixty-Eight | Dear Mynock
Episode Sixty-Nine | Dear Mynock
Episode Seventy
Episode Seventy-One
Episode Seventy-Two
Episode Seventy-Three
Episode Seventy-Four
Episode Seventy-Five
Episode Seventy-Six
Episode Seventy-Seven
Episode Seventy-Eight
Episode Seventy-Nine
Episode Eighty | Dear Mynock
Episode Eighty-One
Episode Eighty-Two
Episode Eighty-Three
Episode Eighty-Four
Episode Eighty-Five
Episode Eighty-Six
Episode Eighty-Seven
Episode Eighty-Eight
Episode Eighty-Nine
Episode Ninety
Episode Ninety-One
Episode Ninety-Two
Episode Ninety-Three
Episode Ninety-Four
Episode Ninety-Five
Episode Ninety-Six
Episode Ninety-Seven
Episode Ninety-Eight
Episode Ninety-Nine
Episode One Hundred
Episode One Hundred One
Episode One Hundred Two
Episode One Hundred Three
Episode One Hundred Four
Episode One Hundred Five

Evil Campaign Episode One
Evil Campaign Episode Two
Evil Campaign Episode Three
Evil Campaign Episode Four
Evil Campaign Episode Five
Evil Campaign Episode Six
Evil Campaign Episode Seven
Evil Campaign Episode Eight
Evil Campaign Episode Nine | Dear Bluebird
Evil Campaign Episode Ten
Evil Campaign Episode Eleven | Dear Bluebird
Evil Campaign Episode Twelve
Evil Campaign Episode Thirteen

Flashback Episode One: Young Tryst
Flashback Episode Two: Young Tryst
Flashback Episode Three: Young Tryst
Flashback Episode Four: Early Mynock Crew
Flashback Episode Five: Early Mynock Crew
Flashback Episode Six: Early Mynock Crew
Flashback Episode Seven: Geelo Bros (and Sons)
Flashback Episode Eight: Geelo Bros (and Sons)
Flashback Episode Nine: Geelo Bros (and Sons)
Flashback Episode Ten: Geelo Bros (and Sons)

Bin-bon and Jubna Episode One
Bin-bon and Jubna Episode Two
Bin-bon and Jubna Episode Three
Bin-bon and Jubna Episode Four

Coneman and Tupp Episode One
Coneman and Tupp Episode Two
Coneman and Tupp Episode Three
Coneman and Tupp Episode Four

Lifeday Special One (2014)
Lifeday Special Two (2017)

Avoiding the Empire for Fun and Profit (GenCon, 2016)

Side Trip Episode One

Campaign: Firefly Episode One | Dear Mynock
Campaign: Firefly Episode Two | Dear Mynock

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